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Carpet Cleaning Basics, Finding The Right Solution For Your Carpet

Remember those carefree times professional carpet cleaning, when you were walking around the house in your white athletic socks and then your mom or wife pointed out how dirty they were, and you refused to wear them outside, even though she washed them and cleaned them for you? You both look at the socks and mention that you have been indoors the entire time. After this, there are silent looks between each other as they think “walking the carpet caused it?” Yup!

Carpets are naturally dust magnets. The carpets of today are made of various natural and synthetic materials such as nylon, Dacron, and wool blends. Fibers are twisted or warped around an inner core. These fibers may be bonded by strong adhesives to the backing or woven into a backing mat. These fibers are cut or looped and come in a variety of lengths.

Due to the materials used, the manufacturing processes, and even the patterns of carpet, it is an ideal place for dirt, toxins, grime, and other contaminants. The bottom soles on a new pair of shoes get a simple layer of dirt and grime after the first outing. Fiber edges pick up dirt, oils and toxins as well as liquid residue. Residential and commercial HVAC systems blow dust, pollen, insects, skin flake, and other dirt on the carpet surface no matter how complex the filtering is. Static electricity affects all carpet fibers. Some are treated with a static resistance treatment, but any static attracts contaminants. The addition of Teflon stain treatment to carpet fibers is common. But it only helps with cleaning liquids or stains. Your carpet will still get dirty unless it is located in a certified Class 6 clean room.
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